Remembering 40 Years

The year was 1977: Somebody named Trudeau was Prime Minister, and Elizabeth ll had just celebrated her silver jubilee as Queen. We thought it strange a peanut farmer could be President of the US, Apple Computer was incorporated, Canadian road signs were switched to metric and Elvis left the building following his last public performance … Oh, and three Lutheran congregations in Sudbury, Ontario: Christ, St. John’s and Messiah merged to form Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church on June 5th, 1977.

On Trinity Sunday, June 11, 2017, members and guests gathered to remember, to celebrate and praise God for the witness and ministry of this congregation. There was a lot to reflect on over the forty year span.

In his message, Brian Koivu noted the many ways this community of believers have witnessed and shared their love for God and one another: both within these walls as well as in the wider church and community. He referenced the ministry and leadership of Pastors Donald Krantz, Redmond Conroy, Paul Schult, Bill Brown, Paul Roellchen-Pfohl and Glenda Morrissette. He noted that, though smaller now, we still have a vibrancy and strong desire to be a force for good in this world. While Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sudbury, will change and evolve as it must and though perhaps in ways we cannot yet imagine, yet there will be a spirit that endures and thrives.

Pastor Bill and Joyce Brown were able to be with us and celebrate communion. Brian Koivu and Antti Saari shared their musical talents and chef Dan Bartoli, along with his able assistants, BBQ’d his famous chicken to add to the potluck feast. Youth leaders helped everyone slather their hands to create a series of handprint paintings commemorating the event. Balloons and cake added to the festive air.

Brian concluded his message by reminding us to hold fast to the words Jesus gave to all those who follow him: “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20b)

We, at Trinity, Sudbury, remember and praise God!