God's Re-creation

So, it’s Autumn. Leaves, flowers, daylight, temperature: all waning.

The alternate name “Fall” describes it even better, if not too bluntly.

The norm in this globe’s northern hemisphere is to see and experience this season’s changes as part of the dying nature of change.

However, take the whole globe into perspective – and the southern hemisphere where spring is beginning – and behold! everything, in fact, is being re-created!


Everything is changing. Everything is changed.

That notion has been impressed upon me – as my own life has so recently changed:

status of vocation, health, activity, marriage…

“God’s re-creation of the new day!”

That line is from verse 3 of the song, Morning Has Broken.

(If you can, before continuing reading, take a look and listen to the lyrics and the song.)

I’ve always had a little playful chuckle at the word play of re-cre-a-tion: the way the word is written in the line of the hymn’s text, each syllable aligned with the note above it to be sung.

Now, eliminate the hyphens and consider the spelling of the word that remains.

Is it now “God’s recreation?”

Or is that first hyphen meant to be there: “God’s re-creation?”

I once understood that creation was a one-time event (where it is described as part of our faith’s story in the book of Genesis).

Sometime later, I was reading (I can’t remember book or author) that God is, in fact, still creating.

Creation is not a one-time thing. It’s still happening. Re-creation.

This morning is another creation, like the first morning.


God’s re-creation of the new day: is this to say that God’s activity is always about resurrection power at work?

The lyrics of the song suggest that re-creation is the intended focus: morning has broken like the first; blackbird has spoken like the first.

Or, interesting…

God’s recreation of the new day: is this to say that God is about playfulness and pleasure for each day?

Perhaps the lyrics also suggest that recreation is God’s activity due to creation (and re-creation), and at the same time, a playful and delightful result of creation! That’s a lovely and hopeful path awaiting us each day.

It has truly been both for me. God’s re-creation of life within me and for me, and God’s recreative delight to re-create – even when it appeared the opposite was happening.

Morning has broken – not as something shattered and ruined (although life can feel and be that way), but broken to be born into something new. Again.

God’s work is pleasurable recreational play, who takes delight in creation to recreate and renew.

Like the leaves. Green is normal. And…

As part of the re-creative cycle, God takes delightful fun in changing their colour to playful and lively hues of red and yellow and orange and brown!

Everything is changed.

I know it’s not Easter, and spring buds aren’t popping out of a brown earth, but resurrection and rebirth is a constant element in our lives and in our world. Re-creation is God’s work, what God is always doing in us, with us and around us.

And! we get to express our own response to God’s recreation: to offer our own elation and daily acclaim! and claim what God brings to life in us. And then transformation really takes hold!

Transformation: delightful!

For God’s recreation and for God’s re-creation.

We are grateful recipients of God’s renewing delight, and that empowers us (yea, even compels us!) to live gratefully to, with and for others.

Even as God in Christ has done for us.

We are God’s re-creation, sprung fresh from the Word.

We are God’s recreation, still existing from Eden’s play.

Rev Wendell Caron Grahlman